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Our Vision

We aim to export the best Quality of Gherkins and bring complete satisfaction because of the high and fresh quality of the product.

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Raj International

Our Mission

We strive hard constantly to go beyond the expectations of customers through the honest and transparent trade we maintain between them.

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Raj International

Our Team

We have qualified and trained specialists who have good knowledge and experience from sourcing the products to packing them.

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About UsWelcome to Raj International

Primarily, Gherkins are sliced, brewed, fermented, spiced to make pickled gherkins which brings an intense taste to them. They make the digestion process quicker and also rich in nutrients. They are pickled to add different tastes to the food such as sour, spicy, and sweet.

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Raj International
Raj International

Ways for Fermenting Gherkins

Raj International Raj International

Gherkins in Vinegar

Gherkins preserved in Vinegar acts as rich source of Iron and also helps to make the gherkin more crisper.

Raj International Raj International

Gherkins in Salt Brine

Gherkins preserved in Salt brine acts as rich source of vitamin C and helps in making fermented pickles.

Raj International Raj International

Gherkins in Acetic Acid

Gherkins preserved in Acetic Acid is rich in iron and magnesium and to preserve it for a longer period.

Raj International

What stands out from others Why Choose Us

We filter tender Gherkins because they are best for pickling while the mature ones grow bitter and spiny. Since our business involves supplying pickled gherkins to different places, our workers assure safe packing of Gherkins in large cans.

Raj International Well preserved

Gherkins are preserved in large and numerous cans / barrels / pails as per the needs.

Raj International Timely delivery

We have markets across the globe & provide hassle free delivery.

Raj International Contain nutrients

Rich in vitamin K, A, C, sodium, iron, and also good for digestion.

Raj International Hygienically prepared

Our team works with clean hands with gloves, wear masks, and head covers.

EXPERIENCE 25 years of History

Years of Experience

Delighted clients

Quality value

Professional Awards

Processed and

Gherkins bring a perfect fusion having a sweet, sour and salt taste.

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